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TPE starts to make its name on wind and sunshine power storage, we are cooperating with domestic research centre and related samples have been tested successfully; TPE storage battery is produced from manganese& LiFePO4 raw materials, most assured in safety, consistency and cycle life, no damage over safety test such as penetration and 3C/10V overcharge. Cycle life of barecell is 2000~3000 times, battery pack could last for 5~8 years, about 1500~2000 times, safe and long life. Benefited from the most advanced production and pack techniques (registering patent now), we improved greatly the cell consistency and leakage problem. Adopting of BMS balancing system also have optimized the whole battery pack performance.

By optimizing the raw material formulas and cold injection pack techniques, TPE have developed the high energy density li-polymer battery. Barecell capacity had reached 500Wh/L in 2011 from 400Wh/L in 2010, and we are researching for 520Wh/L this year. This battery is now fully tested by the market and selling well as Smart Phones, Walkie Talkie, UPS, Digital Camera, MID batteries. Safety is highly evaluated during raw material and technique development, no fire, no expansion, no explosion and smoke over test of vibration, drop, short-circuit, penetration, overcharge and over-discharge. This battery is also marked for low self-discharge. Regarding a normally charged cell, after 30 days standard storage, it could discharge above 90.2% capacity at 0.2C to 3.0V. Compared with traditonal pack skills, battery with cold injection is much more popular due to its smart appearance, anti-abrasion and water-proof feature. Cycle life: Capacity could retain above 80% after 500 times 1C charging&discharging cycle on standard conditions.

TPE works with great will in power battery development, and have won great success in E-bike and E-wheelchair battery R&D. Now we are working closely with many E-bike factories. Samples are tested and mass production is carrying on. TPE power battery is featured for high safety, high consistency and long cycle life. No fire when tested at 1C/5V or 1C/10V overcharge, the cycle life could last for 1~2 years, about 300~1000 times, very safe and practical battery for E-bike. By employing the most advanced production machines and techniques (registering patent now), cell consistency and leakage problem have been well solved. The adopting of BMS balancing system also has greatly optimized the whole battery pack performance.

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