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1. Our company ensures that the products from the factory are produced and tested according to the relevant national standards, and the unqualified products will never come out of the factory. Quality records and testing data are all produced and tested.

2. To test the performance of the product, we sincerely invite the user to carry out the whole process and full performance inspection of the product, and then pack and ship the product after the product is confirmed.




1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced quality of the products, the material selection of the system is selected by domestic or international high quality brand products.

2, under the same competitive conditions, our company will offer you the most favorable price without reducing the technical performance of products and changing the components of products.




The product delivery time as far as possible according to the user requirements, if there are special requirements, need to be completed ahead of time, our company can specially organize production, and strive to meet the needs of users.




1, the purpose of service: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

2, service goal: quality of service wins customer satisfaction

For the quality objection to our company’s products, the company guarantees that the objection will be made within 24 hours after the objection is received.

The quality problems of each user and the results of the treatment will be archived by our company.


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