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With the continuous improvement of living standards of residents, the improvement of home environment requirements, as well as changes in consumer attitudes, vacuum cleaner demand will inevitably have a new breakthrough. Expected in the next few years, China’s vacuum cleaner industry will enter the golden stage of development, vacuum cleaner market prospects are very broad. Vacuum Cleaner battery market demand is gradually improved, requiring energy saving, long cycle life, safety and stability, the use of the environment wide operating temperature.
First, smart vacuum cleaner lithium battery design requirements
According to the market and customer specifications, design and host supporting the intelligent vacuum cleaner battery can be divided into two types:
A, energy type: a small motor vacuum cleaner, the instaneous start-up and current work can be energy-type batteries (such as Samsung 22F / 26F, Sanyo UR18650F, etc.);
B, power type: high-power motor vacuum cleaner, the current work, the use of power-type batteries. (Eg, Samsung 15Q / 22P, Panasonic CH, KA, Sony V3, etc.);
Table 1: Lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride / nickel-cadmium batteries advantages and disadvantages
Type Nominal voltage(V) Weight energy density (Wh/kg) Self discharge rate(Month) Life cycle(times) Memory effec Work temperature (℃) Harmful substances Safety Charge speed Electronic control Cost USD(KW.h)
Lithium-ion battery 3.6 125 2%~3% 500~1000 NO -20~60 NO Excellent Fast Strict 350
NI-MH battery 1.2 70 30%~35% 500~8000 Less -20~30 NO Good Fast Low 1000
Ni- cadmium battery 1.2 45 20%~30% 500~1000 Yes -20~30 Cadmium Excellent Fast Low 800
The above advantages and disadvantages of the above characteristics, such as vacuum cleaners need a 14.8V / 2200mAh power supply battery, with lithium-ion battery only 4 batteries can meet the requirements. Using nickel cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries need 12 batteries. The total cost, lithium-ion batteries than nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries have more advantages. Due to the ever-increasing demand for more cost-effective and longer-time products in the market, a more accurate solution is needed when designing smart vacuum cleaner batteries.

Table 2: Smart vacuum cleaner lithium battery model table

Type Mould Size(mm) Capacity(mAh) Electric Current  (mA)      Voltage         (V)
Thickness±1 Width±1 Length±1 Nominal Typical Work Typical Work Range
Power Type Samsung ICR18650/2200mAh/14.4V 37.5 37.5 70 2200 2150 4400 1100 14.4V 11V-16.8V
Power Type Samsung ICR18650/2200mAh/14.8V 19 71 75 2600 2550 5200 1300 14.8V 12V-16.8V
Energy Type Samsung ICR18650/2150mAh/14.4V 42 42 73 2150 2050 10000 1050 14.4 11V-16.8V
Energy Type Panasonic CGR18650/2250mAh/14.4V 28.5 83 69 2250 2150 10000 1125 14.4 10V-16.8V

Division I according to the customer’s product performance requirements supporting the use of matching batteries to meet customer requirements for the performance of different models of products. We sincerely welcome you to use our battery, we are willing to serve you with enthusiasm.


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