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By optimizing the raw material formulas and cold injection pack techniques, TPE have developed the high energy density li-polymer battery. Barecell capacity had reached 500Wh/L in 2011 from 400Wh/L in 2010, and we are researching for 520Wh/L this year. This battery is now fully tested by the market and selling well as Smart Phones, Walkie Talkie, UPS, Digital Camera, MID batteries.
Safety is highly evaluated during raw material and technique development, no fire, no expansion, no explosion and smoke over test of vibration, drop, short-circuit, penetration, overcharge and over-discharge. This battery is also marked for low self-discharge. Regarding a normally charged cell, after 30 days standard storage, it could discharge above 90.2% capacity at 0.2C to 3.0V.

Compared with traditonal pack skills, battery with cold injection is much more popular due to its smart appearance, anti-abrasion and water-proof feature.

Cycle life: Capacity could retain above 80% after 500 times 1C charging&discharging cycle on standard conditions.


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