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Power battery structure changes in the market

With the rise of the power vehicle industry in recent two years, there is an increasing demand for power lithium batteries in the market. In the power battery market and the expansion of demand at the same time, the demand for precision lithium battery structure also showed a doubling trend.
Such changes undoubtedly provide structural parts manufacturing enterprises with good opportunities for development, but in order to highlight the cap in such fierce competition is not easy. It is understood that due to the structure of enterprises and lithium battery customers deeper downstream motivation battery market concentration led to the structure of the market is highly concentrated, the polarization of the industry has become increasingly evident. At the same time, many lithium battery enterprises put forward higher requirements for product performance and memorization of lithium battery structural parts under the urgent requirement of improving the energy density of battery packs and not focusing on the quantification of battery packs. Increasing pressure.
In the market size, power battery structural parts have undergone great changes, the lithium battery precision structural parts mainly for the battery case cover, steel / aluminum shell, positive and negative soft connection, battery soft connection row, the lithium battery Safety, confinement, energy efficiency and so has a direct impact. As one of the main constituent materials of lithium battery and battery module, the rapid growth of the market of the power battery promotes the market scale and the output value of the lithium battery structural component industry to increase rapidly.
GGII data show that in 2016 China’s new energy vehicle battery sales 30.8GWh, is expected in 2017 China’s electric car production reached 780,000, the power battery output of 40GWh. This will give Lianyungang upstream industrial chain enterprises great opportunities for development, a technology, the strength of lithium battery structural parts manufacturing enterprises will occupy more market share.
The industry believes that in the new energy vehicles market continued to grow and large-scale expansion of battery power guarantee, the next two years will usher in a new round of lithium battery precision structural areas of the market.
Battery structural parts in the technical requirements are high. Despite the rapid growth of the market size of precision structural components for lithium batteries and the increasing number of newly-entered structural parts manufacturers, the market competition is fierce and the development trend of the industry polarization becomes increasingly evident. As a hard firewall to ensure the safety of power battery, the output and quality of precision structural parts are the focus of power battery enterprises at home and abroad. The manufacturing enterprises of lithium battery precision structure enter the supply chain system of battery enterprises and the products of power battery enterprises enter the whole Like the car supply chain, it is very difficult.
Some research found that the precision structural parts manufacturing enterprises and large downstream customers to establish a stable supply of high barriers to entry, power battery companies in the choice of suppliers often undergo a rigorous, complex and long-term certification process, will conduct a lot of field trips, proofing , Trial production, testing procedures, and gradually form a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations.
Wang You-sheng, general manager of Reid Fung Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, once said that powertrain structural components, as part of the automotive industry, require ppm-level quality control and pose extremely harsh challenges for manufacturers. Indeed, lithium battery structural parts manufacturing enterprises must master the core technology, with strong research and development capabilities and manufacturing capacity and rapid response ability, to be able to stand out in the market competition. Technical requirements not only reflected in the accumulation of sediment for many years to master the core technology, with highly automated precision production equipment and strict management and control system, but also the manufacturing of precision lithium-ion battery manufacturing enterprises a prerequisite for success.
Power battery structural parts production process generally through sophisticated production equipment and high standards of production to protect the environment, the need for the use of flexible manufacturing equipment, CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other automation, high degree of sophistication of high-end manufacturing equipment, and manufacturing environment on the temperature , Dust content in the air, equipment, surface insulation, etc. have higher requirements.
Despite the high technical requirements of precision lithium-ion battery structure, into the battery business supply chain is difficult, but the domestic structural parts manufacturing companies are still optimistic that they have to open expansion mode to seize the market. According to industry sources, the competition in this industry is very fierce. There are many new entrants, but the volume is basically small. At present, Kodali occupies the largest market share. Lithium battery precision structural parts industry, although not a more clear competitive echelon, but in fact the market has shown the development trend of polarization.
Polarization of power lithium battery structure market shows that some people have seized the initiative, I believe in the next few years, the demand for power battery structural parts industry is more and more demanding, more and more competition.


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