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Industry organizations call for the development of lithium battery electric bicycles

At the 2013 China (Yichun) International Forum on Lithium Battery New Energy Industry held on November 13, Ma Zhongchao, president of China Bicycle Association, said that the replacement of lead-acid battery electric vehicles with lithium battery electric bicycles into urban areas is an inevitable trend and calls for The government gives a certain amount of subsidies to ease the price of lithium battery electric bicycle is too high to open the market.
According to the statistics of 316 electric bicycle enterprises above designated size by the National Bureau of Statistics recently, the output of electric bicycles has reached 18.42 million sets since the first three quarters of this year. By the end of amplification, coupled with the scale of the following enterprises, volume production this year up to 3500-4000 million. In the meantime, the revenues from the main business of enterprises above designated size in the first three quarters reached 50.9 billion yuan, up 23.6% over the same period of the previous year. Coupled with the scale below and enlarged to the end of the year, the revenue from principal businesses will exceed 100 billion yuan.
Prior to the release of the above information, the industry came good news on lithium battery electric bicycles, such as: 1, June 1 electric bicycle lithium-ion battery size specifications of the industry standard implementation. 2, announced in the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau of the first batch of 18 points in the list of biking products listed are lithium battery electric vehicles, there is no a lead-acid battery electric vehicles. 3, Tianjin proposed electric bicycle industry development plan proposed to increase lithium battery electric bicycle production ratio. However, in the current electric bicycle market, lithium battery power is not much, 95% of the power source for lead-acid batteries, lithium only 5%. Domestic lithium battery powered by lithium iron phosphate battery, the price of lead-acid batteries than the disadvantage. In Tianjin, a lead-acid battery electric bicycle priced at 1800 yuan, while the lithium battery electric bicycle at 2800 yuan.
Ma Zhongchao indicated that the central government has given strong policy and financial support to the development of new energy vehicles. However, with no financial support for electric bicycles, Ma Zhongchao believes that the lithium-ionization of electric bicycles and the commercial market mode of operation can all be better for new energy vehicles The formation of a breakthrough in the development. He called for every sale of a lithium battery electric car, the government give 300-400 yuan subsidy.
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