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Solar energy storage battery, solar battery, solar street lamp, 90 ah battery solar battery, solar energy lead-acid battery, solar photovoltaic battery, storage battery is mainly directed for solar power generation equipment, wind power equipment and renewable energy saving energy with battery.
The common energy storage battery is lead-acid battery (currently developing lithium ion energy storage battery with lithium iron phosphate as the anode material).


Energy storage batteries are divided into the following three types:

1 exhaust storage battery with lead-acid battery – there has a device which can be recharged liquid and precipitated gas in the battery cover.
2 valve controlled storage battery – each battery is sealed, but all contain a battery of valves that allow the gas to overflow when the pressure exceeds a certain value.
The colloidal energy storage can be used in lead-acid batteries – batteries that use colloidal electrolytes.


The storage of lead-acid batteries must have the following characteristics:

1. The temperature range used is wide, and it is generally required to operate normally at -30-60 degrees.
The low temperature performance of the battery is better, even in areas with low temperature.
3. Good capacity consistency and consistency in battery series and parallel operation.
4. Good charging ability.In an unstable charging environment, there is a stronger capacity for charging.
5 long life, reduce maintenance and maintenance costs, reduce overall system investment.


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